Arnold S was once famously quoted as saying that he would eat a kilogram of shit if it resulted in him gaining a pound of muscle. Well drinking PeptoPro comes pretty close to that experience.

PeptoPro is a hydrolysed casein product from the Netherlands which is reputed to be the fastest digesting of all proteins. I bought mine from an Aussie company called Professional Whey for $120 for a kilo supply. Peptopro mixes and dissolves easily in water with no blending or shaking involved. The downside to this product is that it lives up to its reputation of tasting like vomit. Googling the words ‘Peptopro’ and ‘taste” has yielded comments like:

“tastes like diseased ass crack”

“tastes and smells like vomit”

“tastes like anus”

Having never taste diseased ass crack or anus, I would have to say that it smells and tastes very close to vomit. Seriously, I have to hold my nose and chug this down without it hitting my taste buds lest I spew. The smell remains with you long after the drink is drunk, and EVERYTHING you eat for hours after is tainted with the taste of this product. Adding a teaspoon of leucine enhances the hell your taste-buds are put through. Needless to say, its my only option for the new intermittent fasting diet I’m experimenting with. So in the interest of muscle gain and fat loss, I like Arnold, am gonna sack up and swish down three of these bad boy shit-shakes a day.


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