Supplement Stack

Supplements are an undeniably expensive part of the bodybuilding/health lifestyle. Some people may ask, why bother spending so much for expensive urine? The mad scientist in me loves to experiment with different compounds because my sensitive body chemistry sends me clear feedback if a supplement is “working”” or not.

That being said, I have greatly reduced my monthly supplement bills by shopping in bulk at places on the net like They have fast responsive service and sell only the best pure products in bulk at a very cheap price. Ignore brand names and fancy packaging because these guys source from the very best.

With the strong Aussie dollar its also worth buying from places like who ship VERY quickly at good prices. They have perhaps the BEST customer service of any store on the web.

What I take at the moment and why;

Pepto Pro Protein Powder – The foundational protein source for the Pulse Feast Diet. Fastest digesting protein available

Leucine – Amino acid enhances uptake and utilisation of protein.

Jack3d – Preworkout energy supplement that gets me through the day and beyond.

L-Tyrosine – Amino acid for alertness and brain function. Added to my Jack3d in the morning for added effectiveness.

Superfood – 17 servings of fruit and veg concentrated in a powder. Makes kitchen sink multivitamins redundant.

Gatorade Preworkout Shake – Lemon and lime flavour for pre and mid workout carbs. Plan to replace this soon with bulk purchased dextrose and maltodextrin instead.

Taurine – Improves focus and concentration during my workout. My head goes very clear when I take this.

Beta Alanine – Mixed in with my shake, helps increase workout endurance on high rep sets.

Creatine  – Proven supplement to assist in strength and muscle gain.

Flameout Fish Oil – Pharmaceutical grade fish oil for general health and brain function.

Curcumin – For niggles and aches related to training.


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