When it comes to supplements, my favourites have always been the energy/mind boosting ones. This relates to my job as a teacher, where mentally, I need to be firing on all cylinders every minute of the day. I’ve tried energy drinks such as Red Bull etc, but they seem to send my paranoid and border line psycho when used continuously. I was a big lover of Biotest’s Spike for a long while, but they added Yohimbine to it which is illegal in Australia, and now it’s tough to get. BSN’s NO-Explode gave me energy to spare, but it’s high in carbs and doesn’t really work with my current diet plan.

Enter Jack3d by UPS Labs. Carb free and with a few interesting ingredients in it that I’ve never tried before, this stuff rocks my world. I add some Tyrosine and Taurine to it for an even larger effect on my mental focus and clarity, and it is beyond amazing. I gave some to Danika to help her study, and she loves it. She is usually a non-responder to any kinds of energy/caffeine supplements.

I only do the minimum dose per day, because I’ve learned in the past that too much of a good thing becomes in time, a bad thing. But in weeks where my workout volume is very high, I add in a second scoop to help me tear it up in the gym.

Many supplements promise the world, but this one delivers above and beyond.


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