So it’s been just over three weeks since I’ve been able to train chest/shoulders properly due to a sprain in that region. I’ve been icing and heating it, resting it and taking a supplement called curcumin from Biotest. All these things have been helping reduce the pain and give me back some mobility.

Some people were recommending acupuncture and while a little skeptical, I decided to give it a try. After the first session I am happy to report that already I notice a massive improvement to the mobility of my shoulder/pec, and last night I was able to do some light work at 50% without it tweaking. I still wasn’t game enough to go and do any flat bench work until I’m 100% sure, but I was still happy that I was able to do what I could.

Having another session on Saturday, so hopefully, I’m back in the game soon enough. 🙂


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