Book Round Up

A round-up of the last five books I’ve read.

The Worst Hard Time“- Timothy Egan – An AMAZING book vividly describe the perfect storm of human fuckups that led to unimaginable hardship for people that lived in the Texas/Oklahoma pan-handle during the 1930s. Years of drought, the Great Depression, plagues of locusts and some of the biggest dust storms in history were the consequence of human greed, hubris and ecological neglect. Foreshadows what we’re undoubtedly going to experience on a larger scale in the coming years. 5/5



The Red Queen – Sex and the evolution of human nature” – Matt Ridley – Our two biological drives are to survive and reproduce. Sex determines everything and subsequently, man’s evolutionary narrative has unfolded in response to these two imperatives. Well researched, scientifically credible arguments, and very accessible to the layperson. I’ll guarantee you’ll look at human interactions and social dynamics a lot differently after reading this book. 4/5



The Moral Landscape“- Sam Harris – Despite its abhorrent history and inverted priorities, religion has always dictated the moral tempo for many socieites. Harris contends that science offers a viable alternative for decision making relating to moral issues. Religion is not only anachronistic and redundant, it operates as a huge impediment to scientific and societal progress. It shifts focus from the major problems we face as a global society (ecological collapse, genocide etc.) and diverts our attention to non-issues. Is it any wonder that countries consistently rated as having the highest standards of living are also the most atheistic?

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead” – Neil Strauss – Not just a collection of interviews with random celebrities, but a masterful remix of interview excerpts that joined together speaks to a larger and more encompassing theme – the human condition. Strauss possesses an uncanny ability to achieve deep rapport with his subjects, embed himself in their lives and go beyond the “What’s your favourite colour” type interview question. Totally fascinating work. Highly recommended.



Emotional Intelligence 2.0” – Travis Bradberry – Research shows that our EQ (Emotional intelligence), or the ability to manage our emotions and relationships around us is a better determinant of success than IQ. While IQ is fixed and can’t be improved, EQ can. EQ encompasses our own self awareness, self management, relationship management and social awareness skills. Ironically, the higher up the corporate ladder, the poorer the EQ skills (generally). Contains important information for playing the corporate game, but the advice for improving your own EQ seemed a little light weight and generic at times.


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