Month: May 2011

Pain In The Brain Pt II

My odyssey with brain fog has continued throughout the week resulting in my scurrying around to find a solution to this problem. As whiny as these updates may sound, brainfog is the worst shit ever, and no one can appreciate how much it fucks with your life when you have it. You will do literally…


Pain in the Brain

Been experiencing a lot of brain fog recently which means only one thing – something dietary is giving me problems. Brain fog for those not in the know, is a state of cognitive confusion that makes you feel like you’re in a constant fog. You’re eyes are heavy, there feels like a weight on your…


Change-up Time

Ok, so although I’m loving the HP Mass program, I’m hating it at the same time. I love it because the progress is constant. I hate it because it’s sucking up so much of my time in the gym (2 hours plus 30 minutes of sled work five times per week), and again this week,…