Change-up Time

Ok, so although I’m loving the HP Mass program, I’m hating it at the same time. I love it because the progress is constant. I hate it because it’s sucking up so much of my time in the gym (2 hours plus 30 minutes of sled work five times per week), and again this week, the outer pec injury returned. Whether I’m doing too much pressing and it’s aggravating it, I feel that I need to back off the volume for a while.

I’ve always really admired the physique of Jeff Willet who is the same height and is also a natural bodybuilder. Jeff came to my attention when I saw him in the great documentary “I Want To Look Like That Guy”. Well, I too want to look like Jeff and have been inspired by his ”The Natural Way” DVD. Jeff uses MAX OT training principles, which is basically heavy training, light reps and low volume.

Last night I did legs and calves and was out of the gym in 45 minutes. For some reason I also felt very elated and happy, simply because there was some deviation to the norm and I didn’t have to work the entire body like normal. My workout was –

Front Squats (several warmup sets 60, 70, 80, 90, 100kg) Then 3 work sets of 112kg x 6, 115kg x 5, 117kg x 5.

Lunges (with a wide arc to hit my outer quads) (warmup 21kg x 6) Then 2 work sets 31kg x 6

Stiff Leg Deadlifts – 2 work sets 140kg x 6, 150kg x 6

Leg Curls – 50kg x 6, 60kg x 4

Seated Calf Raises 50kg x 6, 55kg x 5

Standing Calf Raises –  Stack +15 x 6, Stack + 30 x 6, Stack +60 x 6

Body Weight Calf Raises x 30 x 2


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