Pain in the Brain

Been experiencing a lot of brain fog recently which means only one thing – something dietary is giving me problems. Brain fog for those not in the know, is a state of cognitive confusion that makes you feel like you’re in a constant fog. You’re eyes are heavy, there feels like a weight on your head constantly, and you have a memory of a goldfish. Not the most productive state to be in – especially in my line of work.

I know my body very well, and have narrowed it down to the caffeine in my daily stimulant drinks. I gave up the Jack3d and moved to NOExplode, which was fine for a couple of days before the brain fog returned with a vengeance. I ditched all the caffeine and tried going a day without any whatsoever. I don’t know how people do it, but I definitely need stims to get me through my day.

I tried instead mixing some taurine, tyrosine, and vinpocetine together with half a can of ROCK-energy drink which mainly contains guarana.  That has been working fine, but I am now scouring alternatives for supplements to get me through the day.

Pump Bol


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