Pain In The Brain Pt II

My odyssey with brain fog has continued throughout the week resulting in my scurrying around to find a solution to this problem. As whiny as these updates may sound, brainfog is the worst shit ever, and no one can appreciate how much it fucks with your life when you have it. You will do literally ANYTHING to make it go away.

After ditching the caffeine related supplements, I started using a guarana/ginseng combo that for the first 5 days made me feel like that guy from the recent movie Limitless. Good things came to an end much sooner than hoped and it seems that my body started to reject the guarana as well. The bind I’m in is that I need some kind of stimulant to keep the pep in my step otherwise I’m a zombie for the entire day.


Enter L-carnitine. Reading up on some of the forums about people that also suffer from brain fog, I came upon some info that carnitine was helpful in alleviating brain fog. As expensive as it is, I am willing to try anything to beat this shit, so I ordered some and began using it. I feel at this point it indeed helps in clearing away the fog, and have also read that it helps with fat burning. So double-yayy if this helps in the long term.


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