L Carnitine L-Tartrate

In my quest for maximum fat-loss, I’ve been researching my options for fat burners recently. Here in Australia, the market is brimming with products that might contain a bit of caffeine and a bunch of other esoteric products, but no real active components that have been shown to assist in fat loss. Most of the good supplements containing Yohimbine for example are banned here. Although I have a small supply of fat burners left over from my Olympia visit last year, I want to keep the good stuff for my final weeks of preparation.

That brings me to L-Carnitine or ALCAR as most know it. Some of the stated benefits of L-Carnitine include

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate increases metabolisation of dietary fats

Enhances the utilisation of fat as an energy source
Carnitine is also purported to have a nootropic effect on many people, aiding in focused thought and memory. The L-Tartrate version of Carnitine is also supposed to be more easily absorbed and assist in recovery from exercise as compared to the normal L-Carnitine.
I have been using the Professional Whey brand for the past month or so and I feel that it has assisted in fat loss and recovery. I have a third of a teaspoon in the morning before my morning training and then in my pre and post workout shakes for a total of 3gm a day. **( Note – I no longer use the brand Professional Whey as I feel that their quality has decreased dramatically and their service standards are woeful due to repeated bad experiences. Avoid!)

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