Book Round-up 2

Here are some more of my latest reads.

“The Dark Tourist”- Dom Joly – Always steered away from reading travel books because I don’t want second hand experiences if I ever visit the place in the future. Joly recounts his experiences as a dark-tourist, visiting places that are generally off the tourist radar like North Korea, The Killing Fields, Lebanon, and Iran. Interesting enough book, but Joly’s attempts at humour sometimes falls flat. 3.5/5



“The Dice Man – Luke Reinhardt – A psychiatrist becomes bored with his repetitive and meaningless existence and decides to entrust his every decision to the fate of the dice. Written in the 1970s, this book was banned in some countries because of the popularity of its subversive undertones. Even today its themes and characters continue to influence contemporary pop culture. An interesting read, albeit a sometimes challenging writing style to adapt to.




“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” – Hunter S Thompson – Often touted as a classic, I just couldn’t get my head around this one. Parts of it were amusing, and the language has a quaint, 70s kitsch to it, but overall it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Probably best enjoyed between hits of mescaline and acid. 2.5/5





“Griftopia” – Matt Taibbi – If you’ve ever wondered what really caused the massive spike in oil and commodities, what caused the Global Financial Crisis, why the US continues to have a shitty health care system, why Alan Greenspan is the biggest asshole in the universe, and why all the pricks who caused all the above problems and worse are still walking around free with their pockets overflowing with everyone else’s cash, you DEFINITELY need to check out this book. Two words, Fucking. Awesome. 5/5




”Physics Of The Future” – Michio Kaku – Kaku explores developments in the fields of computing, biotech, nanotechnology, and medicine as well as the impact of future tech on society. Predictions of world events and technology are always ambitious, but Kaku’s extensive connections to scientists already tackling some of these works in progress lend some credibility to his projections. 3.5/5


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