Carb Cycling

One of the things that has been working really well in addition to my IF diet is carb cycling. This basically has me rotating carb amounts depending on my activity level for the day. So twice a week I’m doing high carbs (300gm), medium carbs on three days (200gm) and very low carb on the other two (less than 100gm).

Doing this kind of rotation helps keep me sane, because in the past I’ve screwed around with long periods of low carb, low calorie diets only to lose lots of strength, muscle (and fat), and then fuck up my peak day because my body is so unused to getting in carbs.

I’m combining a few approaches I’ve read about from Christian Thibaudeau, Mike Roussell and Matt McGory, but one of my biggest dietary influences regarding carb cycling can be attributed to Brian Whitacre who achieves amazing condition for his contests and is similar in height to me.


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