FitDay Calorie Counter

A really useful tool I’ve been using to work out my daily calorie intake is FitDay Calorie Counter. It allows anal retentives like me to accurately pinpoint EXACTLY what I’m eating as I go deeper into contest prep territory. Many guys at the gym tell me that they don’t count calories, but I find this akin to going somewhere foreign without a map. One of the shared habits of people that do well at this is detailed records and journals concerning EVERYTHING they do related to training. It takes the guess-work out of things for me and goes back to that old maxim that ”what gets measured gets managed”. Fitday is great because it also allows the user to track weight, measurements, mood and a whole heap of other stats if one feels so inclined.

My Public Profile for FitDay can be found here

An example of my carb rotation schedule is as follows – (click to enlarge)

High Carb







Medium Carb








Low Carb





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