Training Mash-up

The last few weeks I have been using Layne Norton’sPHAT (Power Hypertrophy) routine to switch things up a little after a  brief three week return to the HP Mass program. As I previously mentioned, I  love the HP Mass Program, but it gets very taxing once the strength levels start to come up, not to mention very time consuming. Norton’s program splits heavy low rep days with higher rep sessions, hitting each body part twice a week. My body loved hitting the higher rep thresholds and the pump the first few weeks was unreal. The program definitely added some size to my legs which had previously been exposed to only low reps. I haven’t been able to do any sled work recently because of the shitty weather, so hitting the legs with high reps has helped.

I’ve been reading about DC or Doggcrapp Training recently after ignoring it for so long. In my earlier training years, I was a big proponent of HIT and low volume routines, but found that they burned me out big time. Staying away from failure and adding in more volume has been one of the biggest training revelations for me. So why return to a program that basically advocates insane training intensity and low volume? As I diet down for the comp, I intuitively feel that I need to alternate my training volume with more frequency. I did a DC workout yesterday and was done in less than an hour which was a huge mental relief to the two hourly sessions I’ve been putting in recently, five days a week. The DC program has me working out 3 days a week. I believe that after hitting my body so hard for six months with tonnes of volume, I will at the very least gain some kind of super-compensatory effect on my strength and mass levels. And hey, if it doesn’t produce any results, then I can easily shift back to a high volume phase again. I’m also doing Waterbury’s PLP program in conjunction with DC, because I started experimenting with it last month to add in some more daily volume.  (But more on that later 😉




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