Pulse Feast Review – Six Months In.

Someone was asking me on one of the forums that I post to about my opinions on the Pulse Feast diet, so I typed the following response about my six month experience so far.

Pulse Feast

Reading the pulse feast article was the first time I had ever heard about Intermittent Fasting and it made so much logical sense to me. The eating six times a day approach was always a burden and I can remember many a time when an occasion would be ruined or fun times cut short because I had to go find some food. I always thought I was hypoglycaemic, but like Brad Pillon says in his book about IF, “Eat Stop Eat”, hypoglycaemia is quite rare and is more often stress and anxiety provoked by the expectation of ‘’needing’’ to eat rather than a physical requirement.  As an elementary school teacher, I’m on the go all day long, and I rarely get time to sit and eat. The Pulse Feast article mentioned how important it is to eat in a state of relaxation, and I felt that a lot of my digestive problems were associated with eating in a stressed state all the time.

Since starting the PF in January I’ve never looked back and am certain that this is the way I’ll eat for life. My results in the gym have only been positive since starting to eat this way. My life is so much easier and happier. I get to eat what I want at night and still lose weight. At first I was unsure that this would be a good approach to use going into a contest, because conventional wisdom has always pointed to six-ten small meals a day combined with lots of pain, fatigue and suffering. Recently I’ve cut my calories from 5000 down to 2500 and haven’t missed a beat in terms of strength and performance. I feel even better NOW because I’ve made the cut and started eating Paleo in line with Chris Shugart and Nate Miyaki’s recent recommendations.

My thinking is much clearer and I’m more productive because I’ve removed the hassle of endless food prep, food consumption and cleaning from my life. My bosses who previously never saw me without a chicken drumstick in hand now think I’m some kind of workhorse because I work all day long without any meal breaks.


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