Kangaroo – The Perfect Protein?

One source of protein which has been making dieting life easier is one of Australia’s favourite native animals – kangaroo. These days its being sold as a high end game meat (albeit at a price cheaper than beef or chicken), but I can remember that 5 years ago, the only way to buy kangaroo meat in the stores was in the dog-food section.

Kangaroo per 100gm is low in fat (<0.1g), low in carbs (<0.1g) and high in protein (22.9g). Kangaroo is high in iron, contains Omega 3s and because its not part of the now widespread toxic factory farming process, its free of hormones and all the other shit that gets fed to our beef and chicken.  It fits in great on both my high, medium or low carb days and is a lot more satiating than eating chicken or fish when dieting. The pic below shows one of my high carb days with 800 grams of kangaroo, 800g grams of cooked brown rice and a spinach salad.

I’m not sure if kangaroo is easily available elsewhere, but here in Australia we can find it sold as steaks, mince, burgers and sausages. Here are some pics of some of my kanga-carb friendly meals.

Kanga-cheese-burgers with olives, bacon, onion and mustard for my low carb days.









800gm of Marinated kangaroo, 800gm of steamed brown rice and large spinach salad.









Because its lower in fat and calories than beef or chicken I get to eat MORE of it at night during my feast! My favourite word, ”MORE


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