I’ve always been fascinated with the biolgogical story revealed when having blood work analysed. Whatever effects are subjectively felt from dieting, supplementation or exercise is made manifest by the revelation of what is actually happening inside your body. I have come to be intimately equated with my body’s own physiological signals over the years and with my own libido declining over the past few weeks to the point of nothingness I decided to get some blood work done to see what was going on internally.

Blood Work 

In light of the recent John Meadows’ article about bloodwork done, I decided to have my own various levels tested, particularly because my own libido has taken a downward nose dive the past 5-6 weeks.

The doc pronounced me to be in excellent health despite my protestations that I haven’t even thought of sex nor experienced an erection in over 5 weeks and within two minutes I was dutifully whisked out the office. (S.O.P in Australia it seems)

Highlights and areas of concern/question are.

Vitamin D = 75 nmol/L (Normal Range = (.74) (I know it is slightly above the normal range, but should I be aiming to bump this up a bit higher?)


Testosterone = 19.4 nmol/L (Normal Range = 10.0 – 35.0)
SHBG = 79 (Normal Range = 10 – 50)
Free Testosterone = 217 (Normal Range = 225 – 275 pmol/L)
Free Androgen Index = 24.6 (Normal Range = 20 – 160.0)

LH = 4U/L (Normal Range = <8)

While my test falls within normal levels, my SHBG is very high, Free Test is below normal range, and FAI is also towards the low end of the scale. When I initially asked him to test my Estradiol, he said that they don’t/won’t test those levels in men because it’s irrelevant. (?????WTF) 

Urea levels were above normal range.

White cells – neutropenia levels were low = 1.6 – (Normal Range = 1.8 – 7.5)

I had a feeling that the T-Levels were down so I ordered some D-Aspartic Acid and some Alpha Male and will be get my bloods retaken in 4 weeks time to see if there’s any changes.



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