Amazon Kindle – The Reading Game Changer

I’ve been umm’ing and ahh’ing about whether to buy an e-reader and have finally settled on an Amazon Kindle. I went for the basic wireless model, not really needing the 3G feature. I read a lot of PDFs and wanted a more comfortable tool to read them on. I have to say that I was so glad I bought it. Why is it so awesome you might ask?

1) I was worried how the Kindle would handle PDFs since I had read reviews stating the Kindle handled them quite poorly. Using a program called Calibre, I can easily convert my PDFs to the device’s mobi format.

2) I can now carry around a heap of books at a time, flicking through several on any occasion to satisfy my ADD nature. Also saves me on storage space. Bye-bye book cases and crates of used books.

3) The text on the screen is so clear to read, and my eyes can take it in faster than reading a normal page.

4) Books are sent to the Kindle in seconds, and I bought a book costing $35 in the shop here for $4 on Amazon with no exorbitant international postage fees.

5)  I can annotate and highlight passages I like in books and upload them to the net.


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