Training Lessons Learned

Say ”No” to Training to Failure

I did it again. Ironically, after saying how bad training to failure was in a post just a week or so ago, I can, hand on my heart, conclusively say that I will NEVER train to muscle failure again. EVER.

I figured that being on holiday for two weeks, being able to sleep and lie around the house all day, my recovery could be ‘tested’ a little more than usual.

Big Mistake.

DC Training while fun, short and only a few sessions a week has left me feeling that next day hung-over, run over by a bus feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. It insidiously crept up on me, because until a day or two ago, I was feeling pretty great and scratching my head over all the claims that this kind of training is ultra-taxing on the system. I always left the gym feeling like I could do more.

Granted, I was doing a few extra things on TOP of the DC Training that people familiar with the system say NOT to do, but hey, I was feeling great and wanted to push myself. After all, ”there is no such thing as overtraining, just undereating and undersleeping”, to quote a famous Barbarian Brother duo.

So anyway, lessons learned. Won’t be going there again. Adapt and move on.


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