Calorie Counting Conundrum

Going into the last 10 weeks I’m staying with the Intermittent Fasting/Pulse Feast approach to my contest dieting which amounts to blazing new territory. Seeking coaching advice and contest prep help is challenging when many coaches have never used or encountered this method before. Some people even tell me that I’m mental for using this untested method for a (first time) contest prep situation. Maybe, but I’m prepared to roll the dice and take the gamble of coming in at the level of condition that I’m aiming for. It’s worked for now, so if it ain’t broken…..

One aspect that I find challenging in terms of managing my diet is finding accurate and consistent calorie and macronutrient information for the foods I’m eating. I use Fitday most often, but some of the calorie counts seem a bit off. For example 225 grams of baked potato  according to previous counts gives me 103 grams of carbs, but the other night when I was aiming for 300grams of carbs, I was allowed to eat 1kg of potatoes in their raw form. One kilo of spuds baked up is still going to weigh a lot more than the 225 grams I’ve used previously……and you can see why this can do a dieting person’s head in. I think I must have searched upwards of 10 other sites to confirm that eating that amount of potatoes fit my allowed macros for the day.

1kg = 2.2.lbs =  A LOT of fucking potatoes!






When the dish was done however, it seemed like A LOT of potatoes for one meal. I was definitely full and satiated by the end compared to normal. But throughout the next day I was agonising over this perceived/imagined layer of water covering my abs and the disappearence of veins that had previously been snaking their way up my arms and lower thighs.

I can see why contest diets remain rigid and lacking of varitey because the lack of choice becomes liberating in a way. Boring, but liberating.


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