Peri-Workout Nutrition (What I’m Using Now) – Part II

Peri Workout Nutrition

The topic of peri-workout nutrition is a hot topic recently, particularly among supplement companies that have a vested interest in selling you a bunch of product in the hope of having a more productive workout and assisting recovery.

Again, placebo effect or not, I have noticed a vast difference in my recovery ability since properly using a peri-workout protocol. I probably wouldn’t normally go the extent of using this many products unless I was training all out for a competition, but some of these products definitely help. I find that I can also train using an extra 2-3 session a day in addition to my workouts and still recover without feeling overly fatigued (failure training notwithstanding) Other products I’m just testing out and covering my bases for the contest prep. I’m still undecided whether or not they help in the overall scheme of things.

90 minutes before I will have a pre-workout stimulant like Jack3d along with a couple of tabs of Alpha Male which is said to help potentiate muscle growth. (The jury is out on this one for me at the moment at least, because I haven’t felt any effect from this supplement, but I’m still trialling it for a few more weeks)

My preworkout shake is taken 20 minutes before I workout to supply me with my first carbs of the day along with some various workout boosters.

Here’s what it looks like…

Half a scoop of pepto pro protein.

1 Tablespoon of glycerol   (This is supposed to help draw water into the muscle cell and is used before getting onstage to help with the much needed pump. I’ve noticed some really good quality pumps including this in.)

Half a scoop of dextrose and half a scoop of maltodextrin (simple fast acting carbs)
½ tsp of beta alanine  (helps with high rep work)
5 grams of creatine
½ tsp of arginine  (get some good pumps from this)
½ tsp of taurine  (Increases mental focus and helps CNS recovery)   
½ tsp of tyrosine   (increases energy and mental focus)
⅓ tsp of carnitine L- Tartrate  (increased focus and fat burning agent)

Mid way through the workout I drink the other half of the pepto pro shake.

After training I drink another mix of the above concoction to aid in the fast recovery. I will have another 2 tabs of Alpha Male

An hour later I will have my first solid meal of the day which is low in fat, high in protein and carbs.

Normally II wouldn’t go to this extent – I would just use protein and carbs post workout. However with the volume and frequency of work that I’m doing along with the reduced calorie diet, I find these shakes to be the most effective way to get fast acting nutrients into the system as quickly as possible. I use cheap, bulk, no label products for my mix as I can tailor the shake to my own needs. Most companies will also list a bunch of ingredients on their labels, but the doses will be quite low.


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