These Are A Few Of My Favourite Stims…

Stimulant Reviews – The best stims on the market

If there is one supplement that I love and thank the gods for daily, it’s that of stimulants. If I was a junkie, my drug of choice would be cocaine, speed or anything that can amp you up.

I’ve found that when taking stims, in order to get the best bang for your buck, and not have your body become acclimatised to anyone particular product, they need to be cycled daily. I found that a few months ago when I was using one product continuously, I would inevitably lose some of its impact and end up with the reverse effect of what I wanted which was fatigue and brainfog. Now I’m more sensible in my approach and I find that I have been able to reduce my dosages and still receive maximum effect.

The downside of doing this will be the initial cost of forking out for a number of different products, but fuck it, it’s been worth it for the daily high-high!

My Best of List

1) Spike Shooter Orange Gold from Biotest – Doesn’t contain yohimbine like the tablet form, but a nice measured dose of sulbutiamine, caffeine, beta alanine, tyrosine and b vitamins. The hit is very quick and I can surf the high off one of these little treasures for a whole day and evening.Not quite the kick in the ass feeling you need before the gym, but for focused performance and amped up brain power, this always provides in spades. I love the taste of the Orange Gold flavour as well.



2) Jack3d – Probably THE most popular pre workout stim around these days, I keep it for the mid afternoon a few hours before a workout. I usually mix it with half a teaspoon of tyrosine for added voltage. I set new PRs everytime I double dose this stuff, but only do that when I’m going for a max rep/weight session. Lemon and lime flavour makes this one of the best tasting stims around.



3) Focus– I’ve just started using this one recently and have been very impressed so far from what I’ve experienced. It contains popular nootropic ingredients;

Choline Bitartrate
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate)
Huperzine A

The initial kick is a bit slow in coming and at first I thought it wasn’t going to do shit. But after an hour I noticed I was very alert and clear headed. I actually noticed the effects of this becoming more amplified as time went on. A few hours later I felt that my focus and concentration levels were even more switched on. Such a cool feeling. Pina Colada taste is nice and mixes well.

4) Advanced Caffeine – Contains a number of natural caffeine sources which amazingly does not (ironically) include the caffeine anyhydrous contained in almost every other stim on the market. Nevertheless, I have found that this product definitely gives a nice 5-6 hour clean boost with no crash or jitters.



     5)  Ultima – Omega Sports – This is basically a non stim, stimulant and is what I’ll be using in place of the above when I finally decide to cycle off these products post-contest. It’s a little bit high in carbs (5g per serve) for my current needs, but it is caffeine free and contains a pretty comprehensive blend of nootropic ingredients including tyrosine, DMAE, Alpha-GPC, B-vitamins and a bunch of other ingredients. Far from a kitchen sink formula with hidden amounts listed as a ‘proprietary formula’ it clearly lists the amounts on the label. The taste isn’t bad (not as nice as the others listed above) but it’s still drinkable. One serving pre workout and one intra workout yields the best results in focus and energy.


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