Don’t Play With Niacin Kids!

I’ve read that taking some Niacin before a contest can help bring out vascularity because of the heating effect it has on the body. I tried some out the other day using an Everlast product called Energy. My skin started to crawl similar to that slight tingle felt when taking Beta Alanine, but with wayyyyy more intensity. It felt itchy and as if there was a tonne of blood being flushed to that area. My face felt totally numb. I don’t know if it increased my vascularity, but if I bore an amazing resemblance to a tomato for about half an hour.



  1 comment for “Don’t Play With Niacin Kids!

  1. mark patterson
    December 5, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    it is the “”niacin flush”,it is actually theraputic,although unpleasant,it is flushing through your veins,indeed not harmfull,unless you have some clotting disorder,absolutely harmless,but unpleasant,good for all,and especially alcoholics and drug abusers,STEROIDS,GET IT,as it cleanses the veins in the body


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