Posing Practice

I love the training. I love the dieting. I love the intricacies of supplementation and experimentation. Practising posing…..not so much. A necessary evil when competing, if you don’t know how to show it off by, a poor posing routine can relegate some of the best physiques (Paul Dillet from the 90s pro scene for example), to the lower end of the placings. On the other hand, someone like Ed Corney from the 60s and 70s was able to present his physique with maximum effect and has been forever more known as “The Master Poser”.

Dillet despite having an extraordinary physique could never present it well on stage.

Ed Corney – The Master Poser

I’ve been working with a very experienced guy from my gym and all I can say is having that extra person in your corner to help you out and add some professional flourishes to the routine can make all the difference. Adjusting arm positioning and adding a small touch here and then to bring out a strength or hide a weak spot is truly an art form that is difficult to achieve by oneself. So the routine is finally coming together. I have selected a nice, classical piece of music from Pink Floyd to contrast with the inevitable barrage of contemporary rap/hip-hop and heavy metal pieces that will play throughout the night. Being in love with the older time physiques from the 70s, and having some similarity with old timers like Zane physique wise, I want my posing routine to be an unofficial homage to those more aesthetic times. Some pics from the posing session below. I was feeling pretty flat after a week of no carbs and reduced calories but feel quite comfortable that I’m on schedule just over 6 weeks out.



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