Eating’s Not Cheating

You hear the phrase ”cheat day” bandied around quite often in dieting discussions whereby said dieter is aloud one day out of the week to fulfill their every dietary desire. Cheat days are supposed to enable dietary compliance by giving the dieter a break from the often monotonous selection of diet foods allowed. On a more technical level, they are also helpful in refilling glycogen levels from continuous hard training, staving off catabolism, and recharging an otherwise stagnant metabolism.

I’ve had a hard time mentally justifying a cheat meal while on this diet. The negative connotations associated with the phrase ”cheat meal” combined with the added pressure of standing in front of hundreds of people in what amounts to a thong elicits enough motivation for me to stay on any kind of diet, bland, boring or otherwise. In previous months, I’ve seen how even a high carb refeed day has left my tightening mid section skin a little looser, and the veins on the legs are still much of a no show.

After this week’s reduction in calories and subsisting on minimal carbs, I thought a cheat meal was finally warranted. Even though it seems a bit early to be doing this 7 weeks out, I wanted to shock the body into losing some more fat, and also I was on a deload week in my 5/3/1 workout program. Therefore, the extra carbs and calories weren’t justifiable.

Heading out to my favourite burger bar, Jus Burgers I proceeded to eat two, 500lb burgers called The Guvnor with a gluten free bun. These burgers are so big that when I tried to fit them into my mouth, a cold sore that had been haunting my lip the past week split open and blood was pouring out everywhere, and I had to pull the burgers apart and eat them by hand.


Then it was on to waffles and maple syrup. The first was devoured within seconds. I definitely would require another. And so it goes.

We then made our way to get some takeaway sushi where I ordered the 20 piece sushi kit and started indiscriminately slamming pieces of sushi into my mouth. I was trying to eat to the clock, keeping this binge no longer than an hour – but with wait times etc, it stretched out almost to two hours, whereby still able to eat, I prudently put the breaks on this madness.

The high you get from suddenly ingesting massive amounts of calories, sugars, fats and carbs is to be felt to be believed. Your head spins, and you suddenly become very friendly with the world and every-thing in it.

The next day I was anticipating the worst as I made my way to survey the damage in the bathroom mirror. I was very surprised and pleased to see that no significant damage had been done at all. In fact, my muscles were fuller and I had more veins going on than ever. The delirious happiness continued on throughout the next day and I had the best workout ever, breaking some new PRs on legs and chest and achieving 265lb for 1o reps in the front squat. I’ve also since learned to avoid online shopping and malls, because with my positivity suddenly being elevated to euphoric levels, I ended up racking up $500 worth of purchases on clothes and various items.


I’ll probably engage in one more cheat meal before the contest knowing full well that too much of a good thing can be bad especially possessing that ”all or nothing” mentality I normally have.


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