Nicotine and Fat Loss

One thing I’ve been experimenting the past few months is using Nicotine Gum to assist in fat loss. I got the idea from reading about how competitive bodybuilders would sometimes take up smoking before a contest because of its fat burning effects, as well as from a recent Chris Shugart article titled ‘ 50 Hits of Nicotine’

Shugart mentioned how nicotine aids in fat loss by boosting metabolism, enhances mood by boosting levels of domaine, endorphins and levels of acetylcholine. Best of all, it’s not harmful like smoking tobacco is, and it’s rarely, if ever addictive.

My own experience from taking nictotine gum has been very positive. It has one of the best nootropic/stimulatory effects I’ve experienced from anything I’ve taken before. My mind goes very clear when taking just one 2mg piece, and if I’m feeling any foggy thinking, it clears it up within minutes. A nice, unexpected side effect is the wave of relaxing calm I feel when using the gum. I remember being caught in traffic once, an hour late to a dinner and way past my scheduled nightly eating time. Rather than the wave of anxiety and tension I normally feel in such situations, I felt really calm and relaxed despite my predicament.

I also feel switched on, clear headed, and able to handle anything when popping a piece. My verbal ability goes way up. I remember I had to give a presentation at work, and usually I’m a bundle of nerves and butterflies, but a hit of nic-gum and I was cool, calm, humorous and verbally articulate.

I can only assume that along with the barrage of things I’m taking at this point for fat loss that it’s helping. (i.e. I’m losing body fat consistently, although I can’t be certain that it is attributable to all the stuff I’m taking) I noticed that it does effectively supress appetite for one, but I would use this product for the other effects felt alone. I wouldn’t use it every day mind you, but rather it would be kept in reserve for things like interviews, presentations, or times when I really need to be ON – either that or for when I’m stuck in traffic on the freeway and need a quick calm-me-down.


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