Contest Prep Recap

Currently at one month out today. What a fuckin’ ride so far. My mind is driving me 10 shades of crazy on a daily basis. My over-analysis is kicking in to constant hyperdrive, and the image reflecting back to me from the mirror screams out ‘disaster’.

Like I mentioned before, last week was the hardest week so far. After the success of one of my first cheat meals and two days of awesome training and pump, carb depletion and further calorie restriction resulted in the biggest energy dump I’ve experienced so far. I think it was because I went all out on my deadlift day and wrecked things nervous system wise because my body didn’t have the nutrients to deal with such a murderous session. When it came to my weekend squat session, I was severely struggling and the 130kg front squat almost pinned me on the first rep.

I figured that it was once again time to switch things up. I pulled back on the number of training days, ditched some of the PLP supplementary work, and added in some more sled days to boost recovery. I’ve switched temporarily to some high rep German Volume Training, and despite admonishments that this kind of training is killer, compared to what I’ve been doing it feels like a walk in the park and I can feel my energy returning in leaps and bounds. Oh, and I also had another massive cheat day this week that left me feeling full (muscle-wise) and marvelous (mentally and spiritually) for a few days.


One for me, and one for me.

Another thing I’ve also realised is the absolute madness of cutting carbs back as much as possible. Besides my pre-post workout shake of 88 grams, the other days have been practically zero, leaving me feeling flat and stringy. Not exactly the best psychological reinforcement when prepping for a comp. I’ve been avoiding mirrors as much as possible, punching extra holes in my belt and shopping in the kids section at clothing stores for garments more befitting a skeleton. I’ve decided that even though my calories are dropping gradually, I’ve got to keep at least a little daily carbs in there for some semblance of fullness to my muscles. A couple of rice cakes with some blackberry jam gives enough carbs in the tank to give me that pumped feeling we all crave when dieting.

I’ve got a photo shoot next week with one of my area’s best commercial photographers who serendipitously contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to be in a (partial nudity) shoot. So this in a way is my contest before the contest. I’m going to do some radical and maybe stupid next week and that is a week of Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0.

The sum of the UD2 diet is using a few hardcore low carb depletion days with a lovely big carbup at the end which I’m hoping will tighten up some lagging fat, and leave me full in time for the shoot. A crap shoot this far into the game I know, but no risk, no reward. 🙂

I’ll report on how things are going next week with a full review of the diet.


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