Ultimate Diet 2.0 Review

Going into these final few weeks I realised that I wasn’t as shredded as I wanted to be at this point in time. I have decided to experiment with Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0 protocol in order to shock the body into releasing more fat and then playing with the weekly carb up to see how I fill out. I have read on the forums that some people have used this strategy to get ready for a show, so with the photo shoot coming up, this will be my own ‘peak-week’ experiment of sorts.

For those not familiar with the concept of the diet, it basically builds on the work of Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus in order to get people with already low bodyfat levels to those even lower and harder to obtain numbers with minimal muscle loss and hormonal down regulation.

The book itself is a short and interesting read. Lyle as always engages the reader in an objective and minimal frills presentation of his ideas. The science is always present to back up his ideas and the regular hyperbole that accompanies most bodybuilding books/programs is kept to the bare minimum.

My only nitpick with the book is that Lyle, although undisputably brilliant in his understanding of the mechanisms of fat-loss and muscle gain, sometimes has difficulty in the clear, explicit presentation of his ideas. You really need to read the damn thing several times to gleam a solid understanding of what he’s saying, and I think the actual ‘procedure’ part of the diet needs to be layed out in a more, step by step procedural format that even idiots could understand. I say this because the confusion over some of the ideas is ever present in the amount of threads that appear on his support forums for the book. Lyle, a testy fuck and never one to be recognised for his tact, replies to many of these questions with the none too helpful repeating statement of ‘ read the book’ or ‘do what the book says’.

Over the next few days I will detail my experiences with the diet and throw up some pics at the end. If all goes to plan and the results are forthcomign, this could very well be the plan I use to take me into these final few weeks.


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