Ultimate Diet 2.0 – Week One Log (Part2 – Carb Up Days)

Day Four

The insane thing is that when I’m not even considering ingesting any carbs, my mind never drifts to fantasies of junk food and binges. But with the promise of a two day carb up, it’s all I’ve been thinking about; licking my lips and carb-window-shopping, making lists of the foods I can eat with gleeful anticipation.

Feeling high energy today despite 4 1/2 days of LOW calories (1200 per day) and depletion workouts. The Tension workout today went surprisingly well. I tried a Biotest Finibar preworkout instead of rice cakes, and I don’t know if it was that or not, but the workout was amazingly and I was able to push it hard on all sets. I went a little too hard on legs and ended up feeling my IT band go ‘pop’ on the leg press which put an end to the leg workout for the day. I was limping around a lot after that and I hope I haven’t injured things this close out.

FiniBar – Impressive taste and great energy for the workout.

My ex/girlfriend came over and after much arguing, she made me perhaps the best tasting pancakes I’ve ever tasted! I know it’s also because I haven’t had pancakes in a while, but she used gluten free flour, almond milk instead of normal milk, splenda and sugar free syrup. They were so much lighter and fluffier than usual. I followed it up with a half kilo (1.2 pounds) of white rice, and some crumbled rice cakes with protein powder and almond milk in a kind of sugar free cereal! I was so stuffed my stomach bloated up and I just lay on the bed for hours watching these fascinating Round Table talks from Muscular Development magazine from guys like Ronnie Coleman,  Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, Keving Levrone and Dorian Yates. (Different links for different vids) I was a total fan of these guys back in the 90s and to hear them reminisce and discuss their contest prep and training strategies from the old days made for an awesome night. It was especially hearing how Flex used to go on low/no carb diets for months on a stretch, and then carb up big time for the contest. (Similar to the UD2 approach)

Calorie Totals for the Day

Day Five

Woke up this morning feeling TIRED, after a very deep night’s sleep. At least the bloating was gone. After the carb intake I was dead to the world within seconds. Carbs – the ultimate sleeping aid. The IT band was still very tight and I had to massage it all day long to loosen the pain.

Went and picked up the ex/girlfriend this morning and made he make me another round of those incredible pancakes. Despite having a Spike Shot, I went to work still feeling sleepy. I had a serving of Ultima on top of that to sharpen my mind without resorting to extra stims, but my morning tutoring was quiet challenging. This was the first time I have abandoned the IF (Pulse Feast) eating approach since the beginning of the year and the first breakfast I’ve had since January. It was quite a novel experience to be returning to eating multiple times throughout the day as opposed to the IF protocols.

Luckily, we had a sports carnival today, so my mind didn’t have to be ON like it normally does to look after kids and teach them at the same time. I just wanted to eat all day long, and had to use extreme willpower to stop myself from digging into the large bowl of rice pasta I was carrying around in my bag. Every two hours though, I popped some more ALA (Glycobol) and ate a bit more. I deliberately avoided food sources of protein today because I wanted the carbs to work their magic and digest easily without too much protein. My carb meals were accompanied by simple shots of Peptopro which funnily enough gave me some energy to offset the sleep inducing insulin spikes. I was also planning on forgoing my Coke Zeros, but I ended up breaking down and having a couple at lunch time, which after drinking I noticed caused a rush of vascularity down my arms. I was oddly detached from the whole day. Usually I find sports carnivals the most miserable of boring days – trying to control hordes of overexcited screaming kids freed from the bondages and shackles of the classroom for the day. But with the beautiful weather and carb induced high I was feeling, the day passed by quite pleasantly.

When I got home it was time to train using the Power day template outlined in the UD2.0 book. I was really tired, so I downed 3(!) shots of Jack3d, my usual nootropic mix, some Superfood and anything else that would prepare me for the heavy workout ahead. I checked the mirror and I was filling out nicely, my skin nice and tight. The workout didn’t go too badly. I had dropped a bit of strength on things like dumbbell presses, but that could be because I trained the whole body only the night before with the tension workout, so I may have still been recovering. I was getting a nice pump, and I felt mentally and physically great.  I made sure not to go to failure, and keep a few reps in reserve. I showed my posing coach Jonny my physique worried that I might have smoothed over. He assured me all was good and to keep doing what I was doing up until the comp.

I backed off the carbs after the workout because my 24 hours were up. I had some fish, sugar free jelly and some spinach to end off the day.  Overall today was a good day. I was much more, dare I say it, loving to those around me and satisfied that the carb up  had done me good. We shall see if it still goes well tomorrow and up to the shoot.

Calorie Totals for the Day


  2 comments for “Ultimate Diet 2.0 – Week One Log (Part2 – Carb Up Days)

  1. Brad
    July 19, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    I love this log man….Its great to read when I am on UD 2.0 and know exactly the feelings you are describing.


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