Testosterone Boosters = Don’t Do Shit

Due to my own falling testosterone while on this diet and raised SHBG levels, (see past post for discussion on my blood levels) I’ve been turning to natural remedies promising to raise T and lower SHBG. I thought I would give these products a go in an attempt to bolster my own flagging natural hormone production and stave off the often accompanied decline in test levels during strenuous dieting periods.

These are the products I used/been using for the past 2-3 months –

(Above ^ – A veritable rogue’s gallery of shit supplements)

D-Aspartic Acid

Alpha Male – Biotest

Stoked – Anabolic Innovations

TestoPro  – Anabolic Innovations

Each one of these worthless products are heavily marketed citing “research” as being effective in boosting testosterone levels along various pathways  or that one. Before laying down my hard-earned I had read on numerous forums how people were experiencing major increases in sex drive, morning erections and all sorts of cool male related side effects indicating high T levels.

At the end of the day, I am my own personal lab of one, with the wherewithal to be able to keep variables quite consistent over a period of time, and knowledge of my own biochemistry to effectively monitor changes in my physiology. What it all boils down to is that I got nothing from these products, either in terms of extra libido (libido felt like it decreased even further if anything) a disappearance in morning ‘wood’, and blood test results that indicated a slight decrease in testosterone, with no change to my high SHBG or low free test. To assess what effects these supplements had on my own hormone levels I gave them 6 weeks of continuous use, adhering to the ‘cycling’ procedures of each, testing blood hormone levels at 3 and 6 weeks respectively. At 3 weeks there was no change, and again at 6 weeks, as can be seen by one of my lab reports below, there was zero change – (And a slight decrease in test if anything)

All combined, this stack did manage to render a huge fucking gaping hole in my wallet with no recourse to a refund due to my geography.

Moral of the story = Lessons learned, warn others, move on.


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