Good Posing Tutorial Videos


When it comes to the art of presenting one’s physique on contest day, it’s been hard to find any good posing resources. Posing I’ve discovered, isn’t as easy as it seems at first. It’s more than a combination of flexing muscles and holding a particular pose. The creative flair, the transitions between poses, not to mention the strength and stamina to hold the poses correctly for long periods of time require lots of practice and a good coach. Many guys I’ve talked to say they don’t worry too much about their routines, citing that the placings are already decided by the pre-judging, or that they make it up as when they hit the stage. Still. I think if you’re going to compete, effort to displaying your final product of all the hard training and dieting is every bit as important as all the other components that go into this.


I’ve been watching some pro videos from the 80s and 90s to help build my routine, because I believe these guys really captured the aesthetic art of physique display. Many of the pro routines today are quite boring, and I simply can’t identify with the scale of their physiques. Guys like Zane, Labrada, Paris, Ray and Makkaway personify good posing and I’ve done my best to emulate some of their signature poses in my own routine. Jeff Willet also sells a posing DVD, but I haven’t seen what it comprises. (Probably buy it at a later date and review it here.)

I came across a really good collection of posing instructional vids on Youtube however, and this guy really breaks down the mandatories into their crucial parts. I’ve really been able to fine tune these important compulsory poses that are going to make all the difference in the prejudging.

Front Double Biceps Pose


Other posing vids by the same guy – Mike Faba

Side Tricep

Rear Double Biceps

Rear Lat Spread

Front Lat Spread

Abs & Thighs

Side Chest

Most Muscular


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