UD 2.0 – Week Two Reflections

Looking back on my previous posts I forgot to include a Saturday and Sunday log, so I’ll include it in this entry.

Saturday – I was very tired and lagging energy big time. Worse still, I went with my ex to the city and basically sat around all day waiting for her to get shit ready for the Sunday photo shoot we’d both be appearing in together. Normally on the weekends I like to sit around at  home after getting my shopping and errands done, so that I can relax at home over some movies. Today’s energy levels ended up being the worst for the week, and I think I can put that down to last nights heavy deadlifts. I went too hard on my CNS and so had that post Dogg-Crapp workout feeling all day long. Added to that a big argument, and I can say that it wasn’t one of my better days.

Sunday – Photoshoot Day  – Today in my mind was a mini-contest experiment day. I didn’t manipulate anything in regards to sodium and water, but had some carbs in the morning in the form of rice cakes and jelly, a Finibar, and some candy providing simple sugars. I also went and pulled the sled in the morning down the park to get some sun and early morning ‘cardio’ .  About two hours before the shoot I had a high sodium meal in the form of  a four egg omelette with ham steak and plenty of mustard and lay out in the sun for another 20 minutes to bring out the vascularity. While putting back the carbs I did some light chins and pushups to shuttle the glycogen to the muscles.

The shoot was  hard – six hours in all and required a lot of tensing, squeezing and awkward poses with little down time  – Great cardio and posing practice in other words. All in all it was an awesome experience, and the photos this guy was taking looked amazing on his camera. I couldn’t believe that I looked like what I was seeing, and I can’t wait to get some after he edits them. At the beginning of the shoot and throughout I had Reeces Pieces, Rice cakes and a Finibar to keep me feeling pumped. I definitely over did the calories today, finishing off with 530gm of salmon. It was definitely not an IF day, but I felt wonderful by the day’s end.

Monday, back to low carb/low-calorie hell. The workout was challenging, but seemed to get easier as the time wore on. At the beginning, I barely had the strength to shake hands with people and was as pissy as hell with stupid questions, but by the end I was feeling quite ebullient and sociable, Dinner that night was fish with onions and mushrooms.

Tuesday I had a late night at work, so I couldn’t get my second depletion workout done today as per the plan, but I did a whole heap of chins and pushups to supplement. Today’s meal was 430gm of kangaroo and rice cakes, and when I entered the values into the computer I found I had enough calories for a four egg omelette left over. The eggs from the school’s garden were beyond amazing in their taste, and I’m reconsidering ever buying store-bought “free-range-eggs” again. (Obviously the store-ones aren’t free range given the comparison)

Wednesday had me noticing lots of new veins appearing on my legs with some increased cuts and overall definition. After throwing in some ab work, which I’ve always skipped thinking it was redundant, I saw a heap of new veins snaking their way up my stomach which was very cool. The workout today was much harder than Wednesday’s workout last week, but I persevered and came out the other end ok. I repeated the prawn-omelette as my post workout meal, simply because it’s so damn tasty. I’m smashing down a lot of stimulants every day but have had to ditch the 1 3 dimethylamylamine containing supplements because I hear that they aren’t allowed in this federation’s  natural comps. The amount of Coke Zero I’m drinking is also disconcerting – after ditching it for over eight months, I’m back up to a ten can a day habit!

By Thursday my energy levels were very good. I don’t know if it was dietary related or the fact that I had a Nicorette gum in the morning before work (instead of the afternoon when I normally take them), but I felt calm and in control. I’ve also started to up my water intake today. The workout was nothing special, but I was able to maintain focus and effort throughout. I feel as though I’ve lost a little bit of strength to be honest, but this close out from the comp, it’s probably natural to be a bit depleted strength wise.  The carb up was a mess – another bitter argument with the ex had me smashing carbs with great “vengeance and furrrious anger” (quote anyone?), and all self-control was lost. After surveying the damage, I probably put away over 600 grams of carbs in one sitting starting with a pancake stack and maple syrup, 800 grams of white rice, a box of gluten-free Coca Puffs with almond milk and some pieces of candy. Wasn’t as bloated or tired as the first week’s carb up, but the anger fuelled adrenaline probably didn’t help.

Friday – Wasn’t as tired as last week, and no damage seemed to be done judging by my brief glance in the mirror. It’s so hard to restrain myself from overeating carbs, which is why I’m glad that zero carb depletion and I.F. days are so restrictive in regards to what I can eat. I could never do a little bit of carbs here and there, because I know I’d end up going for more than I am allowed. Today was just 500 grams of rice pasta and two tins of canned tomatoes, but I had to stop myself from eating the whole bowl at breakfast. ( I instead ate the whole day’s worth by lunch time) I think today, it’s emotional eating in action because of all the relationship problems I’ve been having recently. I keep casting my mind back to Arnold in Pumping Iron who said that around a contest he had to cut his emotions off and be cold, and not get emotionally involved with girls because of the negative effect they can have.  So true Arnold. So true.

The workout wasn’t too bad all things considering. Went as heavy as I could, but skipped doing legs because I want to try doing them separate tomorrow, even though UD 2.0 says to do them all on the same day. Fuck Lyle.


Legs and abs immediately before starting carb up.


I started to take pics of my meals for the carb up before I lost total control.


600 grams of carbs, 3 hours later – damage done. – Legs and Forearms 


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