Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor,Your Shredded…

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless,
Tempest-tossed to me
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Without wanting to get too political, I found quite a “humorous” front cover-page article in our city’s main newspaper the other day. I don’t normally read it, but walking by I noticed a fairly large individual on the front cover. With all the upcoming bodybuilding shows, I thought this might be some promotional piece for bodybuilding. Turned out that this picture was of one of the increasing numbers of refugees that are making their way to Australia’s shores in recent months.

 Pictured here is Alexander Dianati,  a ‘champion’ Iranian bodybuilder, who has fled the pesecution of his land for more sunny pastures. Dianati whose list of colourful occupations include professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, bodyguard and cage fighter has come illegally to Australia and now resides in a detention centre awaiting processing and clearence. 

The article claims that Dianati while staying at the centre has been exposed to the daily racisim and cruelty of the security personell. While enduring this personal hell and abuse at the hands of Australian guards, he nevertheless finds the time for mugging it up on the cover of newspapers and maintaining his extensive social networking profiles on tax-payer provided computers and internet services. As you can see from his recent cover shot, Dianati is obviously desparate and undernourished, and his extensive sills and  talents boasted about on his resume make him an ideal candidate for future residency in this country.

And we wonder why the world considers Australia to be a bunch of gullible, backwater assholes?





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