Support Needed – Not Interrogatives.

Patience, like calories is definitely a resource in short supply when starving yourself for long protracted periods of time. I’ve long since discovered that a hungry man has zero rationality.  I’ve therefore noticed a somewhat strange phenomenon in the last few weeks that as the contest draws near, the number of people approaching me in the gym has steadily increased. Now, normally I’m pretty much a head’s down, bum up sort of guy who’s not at the gym for social chit-chat – people sense this and generally keep their distance. Since the word is out that I’m competing however, the increased amount of support and well wishes from people has been extremely encouraging.

What has  been REALLY draining is the amount of inane questions being asked by voyeurs on a daily basis.  I’ve tried wearing headphones to subtly block out the public, but people will approach regardless, and its a bitch to train with headphones hanging from my ears anyway.

Despite my gaunt appearance, I’m asked daily by numerous people if I’m still dieting. As I choke for air during sets on a depletion workout, people will ask how my energy levels are. It doesn’t take an Einstein-ian leap of logic to connect the dots and see that YES I’m still dieting, and NO my energy levels are pretty shit thanks for asking.

Other classics I’ve had thrown at me include, “What will I be wearing on stage?” (A fucking clown suit, obviously), and “Will I wear the posing trunks to the beach after the show is done?” (…..)

Seriously guys, I used to think that people competing were just grumpy, narcissistic, conceited fucks, and yes in large that is true. But we are also grumpy, narcissistic, conceited, STARVING fucks and it’s that last adjective which really messes up the mental equation when it comes to putting things in perspective. When thinking of approaching someone in a carb/calorie depleted state, encouragement, well wishes and support is tremendously appreciated. Brandishing the words ‘Who, What, When, Where, How and Why” might get you eaten peri-workout. 😉





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