Ultimate Diet 2.0 Diet – Week Three – Random Thoughts

I wish I could say that this diet gets easier as you go, but it doesn’t. Many diets can become lifestyle choices if you want them to work the best. U.D 2.0 is hardcore hell.

Energy levels pick up as the week progresses which is counterinutive because I would have though that as you become more and more carb depleted, the shittier one would feel.

Workout energy levels also seem to pick up as the workout progresses. At the start of a depletion workout I feel weak and shitty. Don’t even make eye contact with me. By the end of the two hours I am smiling and sometimes, even chatting.

The carb up poses its own unique brand of mind-fucks. To a glutton such as myself, I have to constantly fight the urge using superhunan willpower to stop eating. Even still, it’s like an unrestrained carb-eating-orgy at my place come six o’clock every Thursday evening and Friday morning. I just can’t stop and I eat till my stomach literally bursts or I black-out, whichever comes first.

16 Hours of (somewhat restrained) carb madness. I could seriously plow down double this…. (Click to enlarge)

Carbs not only pull water back into the muscles, they also pull feelings back into the forefront of my mind. During the week I am an uncaring, unemotive creature who lives simply to see the next meal. I kinda enjoy this feeling of societal detachment. Of course, with my hormone levels in the shitter, it’s been months since I’ve even thought or considered sex. But, as soon as the carb induced serotonin kicks back in, my mind harks back with tragic nostalgia to my recent breakup along with feelings of needing to spend money. One-Click Amazon ordering gets the ultimate workout when I’m in a carb-drunk state.

I now know how to make my own gluten free, healthy pancakes. I no longer need another woman in my life ever again.

Stimulants don’t work as good on the carb days. They work twice as well on the low carb, low calorie days.

I’m drinking a disconcerting amount of Coke Zeros on low carb days.

Strength over the past 3 weeks has remained remarkably consistent, and in some cases has gone up on certain exercises (neural adaptions to the exercise is my guess.)

It’s hard to watch TV or any other kind of media while on this diet except for carb up days. I think this has to do with the omniscience of food in every form of media either as advertising or incidental inclusion to the show. I am reading books like a demon though however.

The closer the contest gets, the harder this whole contest prep thing gets.


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