Vince Delmonte – Stage Shredded Status Review

Being a first time competitor I’ve noticed a distinct shortage in informational products for naturals bodybuilders looking to compete. Sure, there are a heap of pros and gurus touting their (expensive) services online, and it would be great to have some individual attention to guide you through the process, but as far as instructional DVDs or guides to contest prep, I haven’t seen too much out there.

Seeing that Vince Delmonte was offering a complete guide to natural bodybuilding competition, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this 8 DVD set. He must really take you through the whole process in detail I thought to myself, and at $150 for the set, it seemed like a great investment. I had some high hopes before watching this that it was going to be a quality, informative product, but it seems that Delmonte has put more effort into his ad-copy than the product itself because it really was very disappointing to say the least.  I set myself up with with pen and pad in hand waiting for Vince to dispense contest prep pearls of wisdom, but was in the end, severely disappointed.

Right off the bat, Vince isn’t a bodybuilder. He is a fitness contestant which is some weird (i.e. gay) offshoot of bodybuilding where it seems the contestants aren’t really required to look like they do weights, and instead get to wear cute little costumes based on a theme of their choice.

If you enjoy watching lots of footage of what amounts to male stripper routines then does Vince have a product for you!

For a guy with so many products out claiming himself as an authority on being able to build muscle growth and fat loss, Vince really did come across as the clueless amateur in his training and nutrition DVDs. He enlists the tutelage of a number of well known training and nutrition gurus, (Ben Pukulski and Ryan Watson) and while I believe that you can teach an old new tricks, Vince’s credibility is shot to pieces as he comes off looking like a bumbling newbie in these vids.

Not to attack the guy too much, but Vince’s expressions and accent reminded me of the whole Long Island/Jersey guido stereotype so often parodied in endless Youtube videos and Jersey Shore episodes. He’s never to the point in the way he communicates information, and often repeats himself as he delivers information with frustrating repetitiveness.

The workout DVDs of which there are four, are just so incredibly boring to watch. As I stated before, watching someone train is about the most mind numbing thing you can ever hope to do. Admittedly,  I did pick up some tips here and there, but these DVDs seem to be catering for the beginner in mind.

Disk 8 which features the contest itself is again boring as batshit with not a lot of information given out. He contradicts himself earlier when talking with another competitor saying you don’t need any supplements, while in the other DVDs he outlines an arsenal of products that he says he needs to give him the edge at this level of competition.

The best thing about the package is the 24 page Diet which outlines Vince’s motivations for doing this (besides making money?) and his total diet and supplement outline from week to week. If Vince had kept the other DVDs this concise and instructional with a more consistent ‘how-to format”, this whole program might have been a winner for me.

So are these DVDs entirely worthless? If you are absolutely new to the game, or are totally clueless when it comes to contest prep, then they might hold some value to you. For someone who has already invested some time learning what contest prep is all about, reads the forums and talks to other competitors, then there isn’t really much here for you.

There is just too much irrelevant filler here to justify 8 DVDs. The after show party footage at the various restaurants watching Vince eat is plain retarded! As a starving competitor, yeah I want to see hours of footage watching someone else eat junk food.

Vince could have distilled this product down to a 2 DVD (at most) set and saved me a few hours of my life from watching the whole mess. I would have rather an instructional DVD laying out the information with brevity instead of the tonnes of impromptu banter and off the cuff chatter that this set contains. I learned more from watching the “I Want To Look Like That Guy” DVD and its accompanying instructional vid, then I did with this one.

Takeaway Tips From This

Training- Vince admits spending $4000 (holy-fuck!!) on the services of Ben Pukulski who seems like a form nazi when it comes to training. Either that, or Ben feels inclined to be as nit-picky and pedantic as possible to justify the $4000 price tag.


When doing lat pulldowns avoid upper back dominance by keeping shoulders and elbows pointed straight at the ground, don’t pull the arms all the way through. Keep chest up – Keep body upright, don’t cave the chest in on the downward movement.

When doing cable rows – Elbows out on row engages more the rear delt.  Lean forward to engage and spread lats. Don’t lean back too much on the contraction.

Interesting way to do one arm rows, with one leg up on a bench, one leg standing – back perpendicular.

Lateral Raises – Crunch down on abs when doing seated lateral raises to avoid shifting weight to front delt – squeeze knees together. Internally rotate dumbbells – don’t take up as high to hit medial delt.

On Stretching

Ben Pukulski – ”Fascia stretch in between sets is stupid – and will help you tear your muscles? Tells the muscles to go to sleep – dangerous and waste of time. Asking the muscle to get as long as possible when stretching then get as short as possible’’ your brain’s like – what’s going on? ” –  Retarded explanation IMO.

I did like this lying incline one arm dumbbell extension –

When doing close grip benches, keep the shoulders forward, elbows out to minimse pec and shoulder involvement.

When doing cable pushdowns push the weight down and away from the body rather than straight down. (Tried it and that works much better)

When squatting, Ben says that looking up is extremely dangerous, and you should keep your head facing forward without extending the neck.

Keep your elbows back when doing bicep curls

Vince’s Precontest Supplement Stack 

Supplements – 2grams Carnitine, caffeine 100mg, (sometimes Biotest HotRox)

Supergreens  -alkalise system – stablisise blood sugar levels

Phosphatidyl serine – controls cortisol levels, lower body fat burner,

Omega – don’t buy cheap  – 20grams of fish oil per day – reducing inflammation

Mutli vitamin –

15 min before workout



Enzyme formula for joints

L – Carnitine

Caffeine – 100-200gm or thermogenic  for energy and fatburning

30 m inutes into workout

100grams divided into two shakes of carb powder – Pure Carbolyn – high tech sugar – faster acting sugar – shuttles everything to muscle. Spike insulin – 50 grams into workout, 25 grams after

30 grams in 3 shakes divided

Glutamine – 10grams during workout – immune health

2nd shake keeps cortisol levels down – helps burn lower abs fat

Post workout – Carbo-lyn

Protein Power – 30grams whey isolate – (says its the fastest, but its not)

Vitamins and minerals

Magnesium – 200mg (400mg day)

Vitamin C (1-2 grams)

2 grams of phasphatidyl serine

Anti oxidants


Probiotics – digestion and gut health

ZMA before bed – for recovery


  3 comments for “Vince Delmonte – Stage Shredded Status Review

  1. Ferman
    September 30, 2011 at 1:23 am


    Awesome review. Very detailed and useful. I feel the same way about the videos. I have a question though? Wondering what you mean by the 24 page diet in the package? I didn’t get through all the DVD’s. Got through 1-4 and got bored.

    “The best thing about the package is the 24 page Diet which outlines Vince’s motivations for doing this (besides making money?) and his total diet and supplement outline from week to week.”


    • brainsnbrawn
      September 30, 2011 at 11:39 am

      My friend and I chipped in for this because we’re both competing, and he sent me a pdf of the included book called “Stage Shredded Diet” – On the cover it says ”Copy my identical diet for razor sharp abs, etc etc.”

      Are you competing yourself mate?


  2. Ferman
    September 30, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    I didn’t plan on competing, but just wanted to learn and lean down to how Vince was 5 weeks before comp. I also had a pen and paper but didn’t really find detailed info to copy down. Was super boring watching a workout video and also seeing him with Ben Pukulski showed me a different side of Vince that made him seem like an amateur.

    You think you could send me that PDF since I didn’t get it with my DVD set and perhaps I can get some info from there.

    I also found this E-book (FREE) that might be useful


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