Peak Week – Day Two

Training, supplement, calories and macronutrient wise, I kept it pretty much the same today. Depletion with low calories and low carbs. I did bump up the calories by a couple of hundred, because I want to start filling out a little more, plus I’m doing some cardio in the morning and afternoons.

The workout was cut back by 20% on all sets except for legs. I backed off the intensity as well to begin allowing for active recovery. This is the last leg training day before the comp.

Checking the mirror tonight I was happy with how things were coming along. Only after a couple of days of cardio, I’m looking harder, drier and more defined. Keeping the cardio up my sleeve to the last week has been a good strategy, because it’s a new shock to the system. Beginning to pose and squeeze the muscles harder each day to bring out extra detail. (Have always been skeptical, but I noticed a vast increase in definition after the photo shoot from a few weeks ago from 6 hours of squeezing and posing)

Threw in some extra eggs and rice cakes for extra calories. Did wonders for my mental state. Roll on tomorrow’s carb up, but am a little nervous because I don’t want to spill over like last week. Definitely going to use more caution and willpower (fingers crossed).


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