Peak Week – Day Three

Wednesday, day 3, feeling fine and energy wise, much better this week. Mentally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Physically, I’ve been bumping calories up a hundred or two and not really worrying about it.

Did my last heavy workout for this week hitting all bodyparts except for quads and hams going at about 80% as per Layne Norton’s recommendations for Peak Week lifting.

I really think cutting out diet drinks has been a big energy booster this week. I thought these things were helping me out, but they were actually doing more harm than good. In retrospect, smashing down can after can of Coke Zero I think actually increased my hunger pangs. Lemon water on the other hand has completely dampened my hunger cravings, and makes me feel better anyway.

Started the carb up using immense will power not to go too crazy. I found that punctuating meals with large drinks of lemon water was helping to temper my cravings. Still I did damage in the area of 400grams of carbs in a couple of hours. I’m aiming for about 720 over 24 hours. Last week I did about 700grams of carbs in 2-3 hours alone and felt that I had spilled over a bit.

 Pics from one week ago post cab-upOver carbed and over spilled? Unsure….

Checked out my conditioning just before going to bed and wasn’t really that impressed considering I had just put a few hundred grams of carbs away. I wasn’t feeling very full muscle wise, and my veins had disappeared pretty much. I don’t know if it’s due to the cardio, but I feel somewhat smaller today. Not as much fullness in the legs which feel like are disappearing. Damn these mind tricks!

I’ll see how I go tomorrow, but I feel that things are pretty much out of my hands at the moment and it will basically come down to how my body wants to behave.


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