Peak Week – Day Four

Rode a nice wave of carb-comfort today. Controlled my intake of carbs all day until I got  home and started smashing down rice cakes and jam en masse. An hour later, I downed a pound (500grams) of steak, onions and mushrooms on top of the rice cakes. I was just so ravenous I couldn’t stop and felt some hypoglycemic shakiness until the carbs settled in.

Got a spray tan today which turned out much darker than the one a few weeks previous. The technotan colour is called Chocolate Royale and I’ll grab another coat Saturday before the comp before adding the Pro Tan and Dream Tan on the day.

Squeezed some posing practice in with my friend Vaughan who is competing in the evening show at the Western Australia IFBB show. Vaughan has really pulled his condition back from the brink in just a few weeks – I’ve been wondering whether he can pull the rabbit out of the hat, and I think that if he keeps it altogether for Sunday (he’s a nortorious cheater and procrastinator – bad combination), he should do well in his own novice division. My brother was also there tonight to shoot some pics of our training session. Happy with my overall condition today, and from the pics I can see that adding in a small amount of cardio and carbs is working well at tightening things up.

All shots taken by Adam Levi Browne Photography

Had a bit of trouble falling asleep tonight – partly because I drank a couple of servings of Vasocharge around six, and also because my mind started throwing up fantasies of all the food I’m going to eat when this is done. I’ve now started my ‘list of foods’ on my fridge notice board! Roll on Sunday!


  1 comment for “Peak Week – Day Four

  1. October 6, 2011 at 1:54 am

    amazing attention to detail and hard work through and through. inspirational


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