Peak Week – Day Five

Last day of work today before the school holidays – last year the timing of this particular comp was one week into the holidays which would have given me a chance to fill out a little more, since the removal of stress gives me a slight supercompensation effect. It was a pretty stressful day considering it was the last day, but I had loose ends to tie up, 12 boxes of pizza to order and pick-up for my class party (a further test to my already honed sense of willpower!) and then I had to dash up to the city through peak hour to make registration on time. The roads were more choke-points of aluminium, carbon monoxide and human stupidity than city streets, and it took me triple the normal time to get there, home and make my 5:30 posing appointment.

Took the carbs back down to a lower level today at around 100 grams and hit 10 minutes of treadmill in the morning and then a 15 minute walk around the streets later that night. Did about 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises in addition to the above to shuttle the glycogen to the muscles.  My posing coach Jonny was pretty ecstatic with my condition and told me to simply keep doing as I’m doing.

Got my first look at my fellow competitors today – there are 12 of us in the novice lineup, so quite a packed field on the day. Lot’s of young kids -feel like the old guy in the show. 🙂

Day Four Calories/Macros





Day Five Calories/ Macros


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