Peak Week – Day Six

Woke up this morning dry as a bone with veins snaking down my abs. Not sure if I was feeling full or not, but definitely dry, and all I did was taper off my water in the evening last night. I’ve been drinking 10-12 litres of lemon water per day, but thought I would begin winding it down and see what happens. I still drank another 10 litres or so today, but plan to just have sips from 8:30 onwards until the show.

Conditioning was a lot more pronounced again today, even compared to the two previous days, with noticeable cuts and vascularity appearing in the legs. The sun was smiling today after a very long absence, and so I took some time to lay out and get some heat on my body.

Legs coming in nicely today

Ran some errands in the morning, but because it’s Grand Final day here in Australia for Aussie Rules Football, the roads and shops were again packed to choking point. I swear every person with a car was aiming it directly at me as I drove. Got a hair cut, picked up another pair of posing trunks (red) as a ‘just in case’ precaution, and was even happier with this colour. The dark blue is still great though, (thanks Storm Dance Supplies), so I can go with either pair on the day.

Stocked up on a heap of post contest food – 20 pieces of pizza (seafood and supreme), pancake stack with syrup, 18 piece of sushi, 2 Pop Tarts and 2 Snickers bars.

Like a good boy-scout, always prepared – My post-contest hobby kit.

Drove to the gym, put in a quick 20 minute light weight session, went through some posing to get some reassurance from Jonny and talk game day eating strategies. I was going to go with steak, eggs and a slice of pizza and rice cakes – but he said not to mess with things too much (especially since I don’t normally eat breakfast anyway) and maybe just have a tiny bit of steak with rice cakes.



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