Peak Week – Competition Day

After months of waiting, training, dieting and preparing, it all comes down to this. A bunch of mandatory poses and a 60 second free posing routine.

Coming in from last night, I couldn’t sleep, and feeling a bit flat going to bed, I decided to put in some rice cakes and practice my posing for 30 minutes to get my mind sorted before calling it a night. Woke up at 5:15, popped some R-ALA (Glycobol) to control the uptake of carbs, drank some Focus and had a Spike Shooter and Finibar. Threw in some extra Tyrosine, Taurine, and chewed on some Nicorette for some clear mental thinking, relaxation and focus. I was buzzing along, feeling great, and not the slightest bit nervous.

INBA MR Western Australia, October 2nd, 2011

8:00am – Reached the venue early, about an hour before anyone else and sussed out the best spot backstage. Guys eventually began arriving and immediately started stripping off and pumping and tanning up 2 hours before the show was to begin. Our wait was compounded when the show eventually got under way an hour behind schedule and dragged on seemingly forever. This kind of complicated things for me, because I was trying to eat to a timed schedule, and pump up in order to peak in time for my division, and that time just kept being pushed back further and further.

My division, the men’s novice was packed with 16 competitors including my long time friend, Craig. We’ve been supporting each other through this whole journey, and he has talked me off the ledge a number of times when the going got tough. We went through an absolute war of call-out after call-out as they put us top three through the mandatories again and again. I learned that next time I’m going to have to learn to hit the poses on both sides – because they wouldn’t allow me to hit my preferred side shots and had to quickly readjust the pose in my mind and expose my weaker side. It was very close between Craig and I, but my back and conditioning pulled me over the line in the end.

An absolute war – 5 rotations through the mandatory poses -we were drenched and wrecked after this battle. 

I was ecstatic and relieved when I was announced as the winner of my division, and told to wait around for the overalls. Called out against all the division winners, it was very close between me and another long time competitor, and the judges adjusted the lineup to get a direct comparison between us both. He ended up getting the overall nod in what turned out to be a very debatable decision. Although he was big with all the right beach muscles, he lacked the overall condition and was very weak from the back and through the legs.

After my show it was an hour and half of gluttony and then back up to the venue for my friend Vaughan’s show in the IFBB. He was also doing the novice division in his federation and came up well despite a short prep. 🙂 If he can focus on bringing his legs up (and stop cheating on his diet EVERY fucking day), he should be able to dominate because he has a pleasing structure and nice lines.

Brothers in Iron




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