Evolution Of An I.F Bodybuilder

For me, I.F as a way of eating has become a way of life that I’ll never change. Gone are the days of tins of tuna and tupperware, eating by the clock, and stressing out when three hours rolled by without any protein passing my lips.

Looking over the past 10 months or so using I.F methods, it’s allowed me to really galvanise my focus into other areas of my life enabling me to become more productive because my overall health is better and I have better energy. When this happens, you can recover better and continue to make forward progress because your gains aren’t compromised by playing off the back-foot due to sickness and stress. I really think that some key supplements have played a huge role in allowing me to recover faster and make some great gains over the year, and I’ll highlight my Top 10 in an upcoming post.

For now, I’ll post a collage of progress that I uploaded on the Leangains Facebook page the other day, to give credit to Martin Berkhan for freely divulging so much information on IF to the lifting community. His writings, together with many others have inspired and educated me and enabled me to achieve one of my dreams of competing in a state level natural competition.



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