Book Round Up – Part 6

”In Defence of Food” – Michael Pollan – At no time in human history has ‘eating right’ been characterised by such a minfield of confusion and nonsensical nutritional advice. The Western Diet has been a scourge to any society willing to abandon traditional dietary methods for practices of nutritional reductionism, fad diets and mass production. Pollan’s advice, beautiful in its simplicity is, ”Eat food, not a lot, and mostly plants.” Common sense, but largely ignored. It is predicted that we maybe the first generation to actually experience a decline in life expectancy unless personal ownership is accepted for our own health. This book made me wonder how are we going to fix any of the world’s other major problems when we can’t even manage the food on our own plates. A book that needs to be read by everyone and taught to our children. 4/5

”Juiced” – Jose Canseco – Jose Canseco is an asshole and seemingly proud of it. He openly attributes his and most recent baseball champions’ success to the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. While I’m pro-choice when it comes to steroid use in general, Canseco’s braggadacio and hubris reinforces all the negative meathead stereotypes and lends no credibility to the argument for the responisble use of steroids or their legitimacy in sport. For fans of baseball, Canseco’s rants are entertaining at times, but his cringe worthy verbal diarreah becomes tiresome after a while. 2.5/5


”Who’s Got Your Back?” – Keith Ferrazzi – In business and life, noone makes it to the top alone. Your net-work is basically your net worth. Ferazzi describes how to deliberately establish an accountable mastermind team that pushes one other to greater heights and is honest and candid when needed. Ferazzi is also the author of ”Never Eat lunch Alone”, although ironically, I eat lunch alone 95% of the time. Admittedly it’s an area of my professional life I need more work on developing, so this is a great book to start implementing some of his ideas. 4/5


”God, No!” – Penn Jillette – Jillete, star of myth-denunking series, “Bullshit”” and taller-half of illusionist duo, Penn & Teller, presents a humorous collection of anecdotes loosely connected along the theme of his own atheistic beliefs. A master of misdirection, Jillete is gifted in leading the reader down one path and then shattering their expectations. Funny in parts, sometimes thoughtful, often purile. Nevertheless, an easy and fun read. 3.5/5



Holes” – Louis Sachar – Finished reading this one to my class the other day. Great book for boys and/or reluctant readers. I loved reading it myself; bringing the characters to life with different voices – one of those rare books that would make a fantastic shared family read-aloud. After finishing it, we watched the movie and agreed that it was a very faithful adaptation of the book. 4.5/5


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