Training/Diet Update

Taken a break from blogging because of the amount of work prep I’ve had to do recently. Training has been quite lack-lustre recently, with none of the often rumoured-mythical post contest strength rebound experienced . I’m a lot more sore after training the next day compared to when I was dieting, and injury niggles in various places make some movements quite painful. People often speak about being stronger and feeling better when they’re lean compared to when they’re bulking. I wonder if this has more to do with the amount of calories/digestion strain the body has to process as opposed to how much one weighs on the scale.

After two and a half weeks of binging, I’ve finally pulled my own eating back into line. I’ve had to do this not only because of the amount of fat/water/bloat I was beginning to experience, but also the return of the dreaded BRAINFOG I was experiencing earlier in the year. I’m convinced that brainfog is dietary related and is especially triggered when eating foods with a lot of gluten and sugar in them. Getting back on the low carb-train, I’ve been able to drop a lot of the watery bloat and the brain fog cleared in a matter of days.

Training wise I’ve skipped from GVT to 5/3/1 and now settled on the workout Lyle prescribes in UD 2.0. I like this type of training because I get to hit bodyparts more than once a week which I think is key to size gains for naturals. I’m also going to test-drive using the UD 2.0 for some lean gains over the next month or so, just to allow my body to deal with the increased caloric uptake and keep my energy and cognitive levels in check. It’ll be interesting to see if I can elicit any noticeable muscle gains from using the UD 2.0, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people who have used it for those purposes.

Image from photo-shoot with Meiji Nguyen from Mira Studios 


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