Chaos & Pain – Issuance of Insanity 3 – Review

My last post on this blog some time ago was a review of Jamie Lewis’ “Issuance of Insanity” covering the Chaos and Pain’ approach to training. As an appropriate bookend to get the blog rolling again, I’d thought I’d review the third installment in the series which covers the nutritional side of things.

Nutritional Psycho Review

Issuance of Insanity3

What topics are covered?

Again, a lot of the content is compiled directly from the Chaos and Pain blog, but the organisation of the articles unifies the information into an epic opus of well researched and even more importantly, practised application of nutritional theory. I met up with Jamie at the 2013 Olympia where he was competing in the event’s deadlift comp and the dude is jacked while being impressively lean – definitely not your typical fat powerlifter stereotype. 


Olympia 2013



The book covers the following topics –

The Psychology of Dieting –  A strong psychology underpins the successful achievement of any strength or physique goal. The first section of the book explains a number of ways to get your head straight before embarking on a dieting strategy which will greatly assist on seeing you through the the inevitable “dark periods” when things seemingly come to a screeching halt and your mind screams “quit!” His examples of the physical preeminence of former generations is a motivational rallying call to reclaim greatness and to fight the de-evolution of the species which has become part and parcel of modern living.

Paleo and keto dieting approaches – including an interesting rundown of the Dukan Diet (basically a ketogenic approach for Dummies and French people)

His thoughts on Intermittent fasting.

Supplementation – what he likes, uses and thinks is a waste of time. I like his different stacks for goals other than lifting including “focus and concentration”, “beating depression” and “joint pain”   He’s not big on creatine which I thought was interesting, because even though I’ve never gotten much from it strength and physique wise; it’s been very beneficial in other areas of health. 

Increasing testosterone levels naturally – he includes some really interesting methods here to increase one’s test levels. Not one of those generic – “take zinc and magnesium” type of articles that flood the net. .

Metabolic Typing – I don’t really go in for this and was probably the only part of the book that didn’t interest me too much.

The power of stews – His “Stewroids” recipes will ensure stews become a mainstay in your diet. I’ve cooked many using the suggested recipes and it’s a dead easy way to get your calories and macros with minimum effort. The slow cooking method prescribed for the stews allows you to easily get down pounds of meat because it’s much more tender. The history of stews in warrior cultures around the world was fascinating.

Why vegans and PH diets are retarded 

Methods of gaining weight without becoming a disgusting fat-body.

Jamie’s own Apex Predator Diet – Tried this for a few months and it worked well as an Intermittent Fasting type approach with the inclusion of shakes every few hours and detailed prescriptions for refeeds depending on your own personal level of leanness- Similar to T-nation’s Pulse Feast diet except Lewis doesn’t discriminate what kind of shakes are used as long as they’re relatively low carb. 


5/5 stars

Progressive in his theory, aggressive in his delivery, Jamie Lewis is one of the best writers in the strength and bodybuilding industry. It’s so refreshing to read something that’s not the same old rehashed shit as well as being laugh out loud entertaining.  Lewis truly lays it all out here in an easy to follow road map for success. While parts of  his first book are possibly too advanced for the newbie to pick up and run with, this book provides the advice necessary to enable everyone from the beginner to the advanced lifter to achieve his goals.

I personally love to try out new methods and will cycle everything from calories, number of meals, macros etc to keep the body guessing. Consistency might be the key to progressive improvement, but keeping the mind fresh with new approaches and the strategic use of different dieting methods will help keep you in this game without the boredom and burnout that many experience.

You can pick the ebook up from Chaos and Pain site here – Nutritional Psycho


Lewis: Competition lean

photo 3

Bulking phase: 5000+ cals a day and still maintaining abs


Favourite Quotes – (On the Biggest Loser for Kids) “For those of you who (blissfully) do not have that awful shit playing on the televisions in your gym nightly, this season has some of the whiniest fat kids you’ve ever seen making failed attempts to visually resemble their peers. Not a moment goes by without complaint or tears, and 30 seconds into each episode you want to drag those fat fuckers to death behind your car blasting “Good Vibrations” from the radio and chugging a protein shake.”

Clif Bars – better known as the “superhighway to type 2 diabetes” bar, this granola filled shit pile of a “health food” contains a whopping 21 g of sugar weighed against a paltry 9 g of protein. As if that were not enough of a nutritional ass-raping, the Clif Bar is chock full of man-tit and limp-cock making soy, which is just what every man needs in his life. “But the sugar comes from brown rice syrup” you say? Go fuck yourself. Sugars come in many forms, and guess what- THEY’RE STILL SUGAR. The source of the sugar is negligible when you’re consuming 21g in a go, especially when it’s consumed with Soy Protein Isolate, Organic Roasted Soybeans, Organic Soy Flour, Soy White Chocolate, and Organic Soy Butter. Soy white chocolate? What kind of fucking evil, man-hating cunt creates soy-based chocolate. I have no idea who she is, but she is an evil bitch and she definitely fucking hates you.




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