Mr Olympia 2013

Last year was the second time I attended the Mr Olympia weekend held each year in Las Vegas. The expo is always a highlight, giving attendees the chance to meet the elite of the sport, watch a variety of strength sports and partake of the huge amount of free giveaways and samples on offer at the various supplement booths.

The competition is held at the Orleans Hotel & Casino and it’s great fun sitting in the lobby watching the assembled freak-show of fans and athletes pass by. The day after the show I got the opportunity to attend a training session with T-nation writers, John Meadows and editor Chris Shugart. Meadows took Mark Dugdale, who had competed the previous evening in the 212 division, through a Mountain Dog workout. Dugdale was in amazing shape. I chatted with his lovely wife, Christina who very kindly gave me a copy of Mark’s excellent “Driven” DVD.

I took some great photos over the weekend, only to eventually lose my phone without having backed up my pics. (Lesson Learned: Back up your fuckin’ pics!)

I did have some salvaged so it wasn’t a total loss. The pics might be gone, but the memories remain forever. Looking forward to the next one.

photo (15)

The incredible Mark Dugdale

The day after his third Olympia win - Phil Heath.

The day after his third Olympia win – Phil Heath.

Winner of 212 - Flex Lewis

Winner of 212 – Flex Lewis

photo (21)

Class act – Natural bodybuilder Greg Plitt

photo (22)

Taken seconds before I was raped by the Mutant Monsters….

photo (14)

Chief Mutant and he of the “holy-shit” arms – Rich Piana.

photo (23)

Brazilian babe Eva Andressa

The great Lee Labrada

The great Lee Labrada





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