Living In Thailand

I’m going to write a few articles about my life here in Thaland – gyms, my training, supplements, and the bodybuilding scene in general here. It will be an interesting comparison to how much things have changed since Chris Shugart’s Thailand Trilogy articles from 12 years ago.


Who hasn’t been attracted by the lure of saying “fuck it” to everything and taking off to start some place new? Last year I read Mark Manson’s “Escape Plan” and was lured by his advice on how to collapse your life into a suitcase and live  the life nomadic. I planned to “walk the earth”, having adventures and starting anew every few weeks or months. After arriving in Bangkok with brief journeys to Malaysia, Philippines and India, I was inevitably drawn back to the Land of Smiles with intentions of a more long-term stay.

Why Thailand?

In short, life is good here. It’s low drama, easy and I can at last turn the volume down on life’s noise to focus on other things. There is a sense of freedom and tranquility that I just don’t feel in Australia or other Western countries. It’s a haven for people, particularly men, attracted by the concept of hitting the reset or even the eject button on their former lives. It’s not even the easily availability of sex – which is there in abundance if you want it – For me, Thailand provides an excellent base to live, train and escape the western paradigm that is crushing the spirits of many 21st century males.

What do I do here?

I have a solid routine in place that I don’t deviate from.

6:00 – Meditate, yoga, journal and affirmations.
6:30 – Take care of business tasks – emails, bill paying
7:00 – Beach, swim and read.
8:00 – Iced Espresso at local cafe – read
9:00 – Write
10.00 – Prepare meals, clean
11:00 – Study Russian
12:00 – First Meal
1:30 – Train

After the gym I keep things more flexible and start piling in the meals for the day as per my intermittent fasting guidelines. I don’t party and spend most of my time eating, writing, reading. Besides doing some volunteer work at the local orphanage each week, I don’t work a job, so I keep my living expenses pretty simple. As such, I can live on about 5-$10 a day, not including rent.

My apartment isn’t cheap, but I think living in a nice environment is conducive to remaining positive, productive and feeling successful.  It’s five minutes walk from a secluded inlet called Cozy Beach that I get to enjoy all to myself for the few hours most mornings. The water is what I imagine heaven feels like.

condo2 condo3

beach beach2 beach3

Everyday I wake up so grateful for this life and all it enables me to. All in all, I’m glad I’ve decided to make this place my home for six months.

Life's good.

Life’s good.


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