John Meadows Mountain Dog Diet Express Review

mountain dog

John Meadows has become a leading name as one of the preeminent trainers and contest prep coaches in the industry. He’s a regular contributor to T-nation and maintains his own Mountain Dog Diet and Training site. He offers a paid, $9.99 per month subscription service to his Express members only site that features a number of articles and competitor case studies providing cutting edge information for the beginner, intermediate and advanced trainee.

Express site members can really develop some good insight not only regarding John’s advanced nutrition, diet and training methods, but also read detailed approaches on how he prepares competitors of varying levels of experience, from beginner to professional. He lists competitors’ programs and diets showing how he makes the necessary adjustments from week to week, dialing them in, so that they peak on show day. John’s personal coaching services aren’t cheap because he works with many highly ranked names, so the information he provides is invaluable for those looking to piece together their own approach using Mountain Dog principles.


Over 40 years of age, asking John “if he even lifts” is redundant.

He also enlists prominent names in the industry to submit articles and includes many interviews with other coaches and nutritionists.  His workout of the month has fantastic ideas for those who love Mountain Dog Training, covering all body parts so you can really hone in on those problem areas and weak points with some of these specialisation programs. John doesn’t neglect beginners and has a whole section dedicated to the newbie lifter with articles covering all bases from nutrition to training enabling the beginner to cut through all the misinformation out there and make progress as rapidly as possible. Apart from the case studies, my favourite section of the site is his Q&A column, where subscribers can submit questions which John answers in a lot of detail. I’ve learned a lot just from this section alone.

Overall, this is a very valuable resource for the lifter at any stage of his or her game. You won’t be able to pick up any book and find this kind of information. It represents the developing culmination of field and science tested knowledge and practice gleamed from working with a lot of clients. John isn’t some armchair guru or internet debater either; he’s a nationally ranked competitor and I had the opportunity to sit in on his training session with Mark Dugdale last year and watch the guy tear it up in the gym. John’s a monster in every sense, and it was obvious that he has a passion for bodybuilding and helping others achieve their goals.

mark and john

Meadows and Dugdale – Monsters Inc.

It’s always a joy when you can learn something new that gives you a slight edge in the gym, on stage or your own self development. It’s also very rare to find such an abundance of this kind of information conveniently located in one resource. For this reason, I highly recommend John’s Mountain Dog Express Site for those wanting to take their training to the next level.




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