Many Roads….


Mike Mentzer dieted down for competitions on 2-3 meals a day at super low calories.

Milos Sarcev reportedly could live on pastries and maple syrup and still stay lean.

Serge Nubret ate one meal a day in the evening comprised of beans and horse meat.

Sergio Oliva ate burgers and drank cans of Coke right up to the day of his contests.

Danny Padilla dieted for contests on low protein (50-60g), low fat (30g) and high carbs and got shredded.

Tom Platz dieted alternating one day super low cals (1000) with super high calories.

Pete Grymkowski ate only one meal a day.

Phil Hernon employs a ”eat only when hungry” approach.

Even Arnold and Franco only ate 2-4 times a day depending on their training goals.

300+ pound mass monster strongmen Derek Poundstone and Benedict Magnusson eat three times a day.

Conclusion 1 – These guys aren’t exceptions to the rule, but a great example of taking the “rule book” and throwing it out the window.

Conclusion 2 – There is no universally effective nutritional approach because when it comes to training and nutrition, everyone is a universe unto themselves.

Conclusion 3 -Meal frequency and nutrient timing is mostly supplement marketing disguised as information. In reality, it’s minutiae bordering on head-fuckery.


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